Realistic 3D Temporary Nipple Tattoo for Breast Cancer survivors!
Each package contains 12 units = 6 pairs.
This one designed by A.R.T. team member Alexia Cassar from France. Made with love by Miss Tetons herself! Ideal for light to medium-light skin tones, this one is very realistic and natural on the skin.

If your scars aren't ready to tattoo, or you are unsure about getting the real thing, try these out. Stick-on tattoos are super fun and they can really help you, your tattooer and your surgeon figure out what is best for your new body. These are transparent enough to blend perfectly with your natural skin tone for a natural look on anyone.

Your NIPPLEBACKS will last 3-10 days if you pre-clean the skin with alcohol, wash the extra adhesive off with a wet cloth directly after application, and powder it a bit once its dry. You may wash it very gently in the shower, pat dry very gently, and powder again once dry for extra wearability!

They are manufactured to be slightly transparent and blend into your skin for an extremely natural look, catered to each individual and slightly different on each person. Also, they're made from FDA approved ingredients that are considered totally safe for people who have had chemo and/or radiation, once open wounds are closed.

Realism is necessary to make a client feel whole again, allowing her to access a level of immediate emotional healing that nothing else can. If you wanna have some fun with your new body or if you are having a hard time fully accepting your new reflection, try these. We'll give you your Nippleback! It might just be the change you need!


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