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Nude Shade Makeup


Permanent makeup - creating a subtle look that makes a big statement
Wake up feeling confident with the look you love, day after day. Our stylists will work with your features to create a long-lasting look that can make you look younger – and save you time in front of the mirror every day.

Aesthetic Restoration: Services


Are you living up to your full brow potential?

Your brows have the power to make the greatest visual impact on your facial appearance – more than any other feature. With a subtle mist of colour or ultra-fine, precisely drawn strokes that mimic individual hairs, you’ll have the appearance of fuller, perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows. A look that’s both long-lasting and feels incredibly natural.

eyebrows makeup
Lips makeup


Get kiss-proof lips

Have kiss-proof, fuller-looking, youthful lips – and take the effort out of repeatedly applying lip makeup. Select a blush of colour to tint your lips, perfect your lip shape and discreetly enhance your lipline, making you look younger and more attractive.

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