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Lips makeup


Transforming smiles

The ideal treatment after cleft lip and palate surgery, this treatment is designed to give a balanced shape to your lips and create a cupid’s bow. It can also reduce the appearance of scarring from previous operations.
Instead of drawing in your lipline each morning with lipstick and liner, you can achieve a lasting solution - a pleasing lip shape every day, with minimal effort on your part. For men this is an undetectable way to restore your lips and create a stubble effect if you need it.
By infusing into your lips a prescriptive shade that's bespoke to your natural lip colour, your expert technician will skilfully balance the shape of your mouth and cupid’s bow – and give natural-looking definition to your lip profile.
The scar that runs from your nose to lip can also be treated with digital-needling – a specialist technique which can help soften scars by releasing the tension.

Cleft Palate Restoration: Service
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